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Elements-All Weather High Reflective Glass Bead

(Special Glass Beads For Raining Night Road Marking)

Normal grade Glass Beads like 1.5 index works well and it has good reflective result in the nigh time without raining. But in Wet Raining Night, it will be dark...

Landscapus Inc has a solution for this...


(1) Hot-Melt Coating

(2) Double Component Coating

(3) Water Borne Paint


(1) High Reflective Index in Wet Raining Night

(2) High Retro-reflective more than 350mcd while Durability Of Retro-reflective is more than 150mcd after 1 year

(3) Appearance: All Colors Available: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver, White

(4) Retro-Reflective index is 350 in dry condition and more than 250mcd in wet raining night.

(5) Gravity: 2.4-2.5g/cm3

(6) Road Marking Line Consumption per Square Meter: 180grams (half of 1.5 index Glass Beads)

(7) Chemical Composition: TiO2 BaO SiO2 ZrO2

(8) Size: 0.6-0.8mm, 0.8-1.0mm, 1.0-1.5mm

(9) Colour index Pigment yellow 83 (21108)/Colour index. Pigment White



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