ABNT NBR13132/13159 Thermoplastic road marking paint

  • ABNT NBR Termoplástico
  • ABNT NBR Termoplástico
  • ABNT NBR Termoplástico
ABNT NBR TermoplásticoABNT NBR TermoplásticoABNT NBR Termoplástico

ABNT NBR Termoplástico

  • Product description: ABNT NBR13132/13159 Thermoplatic road marking paint,Road Marking Glass beads, Glass beads for road marking, AASHTO M249 Thermoplastic road marking paint,EN1871 Thermoplastic road marking paint,BS3262


Confirming to NBR11132/NBR11159, it shall consist of light colored aggregate, pigment and extender, bound together with Hydrocarbon Resin with mineral oil/ ALKYD resin plasticized with plant oil.

ABNT NBR11132, NBR11159 thermoplastic with ABNT NBR6831 Glass Beads

ALKYD Resin (Maleic-Modified Glycerol ester of Rosin) Grades and Numbers:

White (RRW-A), Yellow(RRY-A), Red(RRR-A), Green(RRG-A), Blue(RRB-A)

Hydrocarbon Resin Grades and Numbers:

White (RRW-HR), Yellow(RRY-HR), Red(RRR-HR), Green(RRG-HR), Blue(RRB-HR)

Application Type: Extrude / Screed, Spray, Profile Grades

Colors Available: White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue Black

ABNT NBR11132 Thermoplastic Paint,ABNT NBR11159 Thermoplastic Paint,ABNT NBR11132 Termoplástico,ABNT NBR11159 Termoplástico,ABNT NBR13132/13159 Thermoplatic road marking paint



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