Part A, Road Marking Glass Beads 

Part B, Industrial Glass Beads 

Part C, Road Marking Solutions

Part D, Roadway Safety Solutions 


Part A, Road Marking Glass Beads

1, For normal usage for Roadway and airport safety markings beads you can choose Landcapus / Bright Brand Glass Beads which have, 1.5 index glass beads /1.6 index glass beads to the standards: 

AASHTO M247 Type 1, 2,3,4,5 Coated /non-coated Grades 

BS 6088 Class A/ Class B Coated/non-coated 

EN 1423 Drop on Glass Beads / EN 1424 Intermix Glass Beads 

BRAZILIAN Standard: ABNT NBR 6831 

TT-B-1325 D Type 1 Grade A/B, Type 4 

TT-B-1325D Type 3 1.93 Index Airport runway beads– provides both drivers and pilots a brighter view of the pavement ahead.

2, For the highest level of nighttime roadway safety in rain, fog, or melting snow, you can rely on: 

1.6 index glass beads (Landscapus Pantent) 

1.93 index glass beads (Landscapus & Bright Brand) 

2.2 index glass beads (Landscapus & Bright Brand) 

All weather beads (Wet Night Beads) (Landscapus & Bright Brand) 

TT-B-1325D Type 3 1.93 Index Airport runway beads

3, High Friction & Decoration Solution

Color Glass Beads / Color Glass Grit, Anti-skid aggregate and glass beads, Ceramic Granular 

Visibility by day as well as during the night in various weather conditions, anti-skid performance, wear resistance and durability are essential characteristics of good road markings.Landscapus produces glass beads for all kinds of road marking products such as solvent based- and waterborne paints, thermoplastics and 2 component systems. 

Thermoplastic Paint 

Spray, Extrusion, Preformed 


Solvent Based Paints ECO (SBP ECO) 

Water Born Paints (WBP) 

Solvent Based Paints Aromatic Solvent (SBP) 


2 Components 

Spray, Extrusion, Preformed 

Proper application, quality materials, proper material usage, calibrated equipment, proper sphere distribution and embedding are all crucial items for effective pavement markings and their performance.

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Part B, Industrial Glass Beads

1, Glass Beads and Glass Grits for Blasting, Peening, Finishing and Deburring.

2, Color Irregular Glass Beads For Decoration and Fire glass

3, Water Treatment Glass Beads 

4, Project Screen Glass Beads: 20-200microns 

5, Grinding Glass Beads 

6, Glass Beads For Plastic (Filler)

7, Coating 

8, Hollow Glass Beads For Paint, Drilling, Thermal Insulation

9, Teeth Industry 

10, Toy Sands 

11, Hourglass 

12,Other Industrial Application 

13, Application Table 


Recommend Products 


Solid Glass micro spheres 

Agricultural products 

Solid Glass micro spheres 

Automotive & Marine Putty 

Hollow Glass micro spheres 

Coatings, Adhesives, Inks & Pastes 

Conductive Particles


Hollow Glass micro spheres 

Construction Materials 

Hollow Glass micro spheres 


Hollow Glass micro spheres 


Solid Glass micro spheres 

Custom Particle Technology 

Conductive Particles 

Electronics Assembly 

Conductive Particles 


Conductive Particles 


Solid Glass micro spheres 

Industrial Explosives 

Hollow Glass micro spheres 


Hollow Glass micro spheres 

Metal Finishing 

Solid Glass micro spheres 

Oil & Gas 

Hollow Glass micro spheres 

Oil Drilling 

Solid Glass micro spheres 

Paints & Coatings 

Hollow Glass micro spheres 

Paints & Coatings 

Solid Glass micro spheres 


Solid Glass micro spheres 

Plastic Compounds 

Hollow Glass micro spheres 

Road Marking Paints 

Standard Glass Beads /Road MARKING glass beads 


Solid Glass micro spheres 

Sealents and Underbody Coatings 

Hollow Glass micro spheres 


Part C, Road Marking Solutions

Landscapus Inc has been the proven leader of thermoplastic paint and glass beads for road markings for over 10 years. Our products are used worldwide to provide superior retro-reflectivity for highway and airfield pavement markings.We can produce the BS EN 1871-2000, BS3262-1989, AASHTO M249, JIS K5665, AS/NZS 2009  yellow and white thermoplastic road marking paint, OEM is welcome!Pavement markings offer significantly greater target value for drivers and pilots. Therefore, the need for brighter pavement markings is essential to complementing your safety systems. Thus we offer you three kinds of solutions listed below for your choices:

Normal usage volume for Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials (Spray / Extrude /Profile) 

Extrude Grade (Landscapus Thermoplastic Paint/ Alkyd grade / C5 grade) 

Thickness    Lbs Per Square Meter 

1.5mm          12.0lbs

1.8mm          13.5lbs 

2.2mm          14.5lbs 

3.0mm          22.0lbs 

3.3mm          24.0lbs 

Road Marking Methods: Spray, Extrude/ Screed. Spraying Road Marking using volume will be little less than Screeding and Extrusion Methods. 

Steps For Using Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint: 

1.Materials: Thermoplastic Road Marking Materials (Landcapus Inc made thermoplastic ALKYD Binder, Hydrocarbon Resin), Glass Beads, Base Paint (Sealer) 

2.Heating: Heating the thermoplastic Road marking materials in the road marking machine or Preheating container for melting, the temperate should be kept at 180 to 220 centigrade after melting and stiring for 10 minutes before marking. Choose the road marking machines: Extrusion , Spray and Screed according to low viscosity (Spray < 2, low viscosity <4.5 in BROOKfiled heater) and extrude type (4.5 to 10). Work temperate 200centigrade. 

3.Marking And Measurement: Marking the exact place, symbols  and sign according to the design then put the base paint on the sign.4.After drying of the base paint, do the thermoplastic road marking and glass beads Dropping On by road marking machines. 

5. Drying: After 3minutes, the road marking lines will be dry and the cars can pass. For your safety, Please Do not move the fence untill you complete all work! For more information, please visit or contact us


Part D, Road Safety Products Solutions

Roadway Safety Products (To ASTM D4280-15 and EN1463-2009)

Round Plastic Road Studs, White, Yellow colors,4inch  

Plastic Road Markers, Double or Single Lens Yellow, White, Blue Colors 100mm*100mm*20mm, 100mm*90mm*18mm

Ceramic Road Markers, Yellow, White colors available, 4inch, 6inch and 8inch

Pavement Marker Tabs (Chip Seal Markers)

Type Y  Type Y-2  Type W


Anti-Impact Barrel

High Refractive Index Glass beads

Anti-Glare Screen

Large Size Glass beads

Aluminum Road Studs

Plastic Road Studs

C5 Petrolum Resin

PU Flexible Delineator Post

Ceramic Road Stud

Reflective Belts

Color Glass Beads

Reflective Road Marking Beads

Color Glass Mass (grit)

Reflective Road Studs

Glass beads for sandblasting

Rubber Speed Humps

Glass beads for decoration

Solar Road Stud

Glass beads reflectors

Solar Flashing Lights

Glass grits

Solar Traffic Lights

Glass Frits (Color Glass Grits)

Rosin Ester

Glass Mass (Color)

Road Marking Machine

Glass beads for road Marking     

Traffic Cone

Glass Road Stud

Thermoplastic (White/Yellow)